Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Walking Dead Part One

Nothing whatsoever to do with the comic book of the same name, Walking Dead is one of those little fragments of a story which I just can't seem to turn into anything longer. I did start a second chapter but it wouldn't work. Perhaps some day I'll have another crack at it. Perhaps I just need to be in the right mood.

It's in kind of screenplay style because I find it much easier to get started if I can begin a story with "Exterior. Night." rather than "It was a dark and stormy night." Usually after a few paragraph it'll mutate into prose but it's a very useful method of simpy jumping right into the story without any headaches.

Friday, October 14, 2005


As you may have noticed the links to my stories here are currently down- I'm in the process of swapping over to a new ISP and so it'll be a day or two before this site is operational.

In the process of getting the place sorted out I'll hopefully post some new material- it's been a long time since I last did an update.

UPDATE- I've fixed the links.