Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Been a long time since I posted here. If you've stumbled across this page somehow it's a collection of my own fiction writing. Not a representative sample by any means but the main body of work (the horribly titled Dawning of the Dead) was placed on-line for two reasons- to allow it to be read and to offer myself another incentive to keep writing.

Since my last post (it really, really doesn't seem like 2005!) I've managed to write very little of that particular story, although I do tinker with it from time to time. It hit an awkward point and due to a combination of circumstances I lost my grip on it. It will be back some day!

My main love in writing is horror- survival horror being of particular interest. I don't really want to see a zombie apocalypse but I am curious about what would happen if it did take place. If you're into that sort of thing you might want to check out the
All Things Zombie forum. It seems a bit mad when you first read it but trust me, not all of the posters honestly believe that zombies are about to take over the world. Just some of us.

Anyway, I hope to add some more writing here soon. Maybe just the odd snippet but there should be some new material now and then.

Hope someone out there enjoys it.

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