Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The War - Chapter One

I wrote this one ages ago and had all but forgotten about it until I started this blog and was looking for bits and pieces to post. The idea came about after I'd been reading a fair bit of survival fiction and wanted to do some of my own. The end of the world was done pretty well in Jerry Ahern's Survivalist series but times have certainly moved on some since then. I also wanted to focus less on the horrors of a nuclear war in which the chances of survival would be pretty slim and more on the chaos of society collapsing. For a great example of this go and read Halffast's Lights Out. It's a fantastic work that in my opinion has set the bar for survival fiction writers pretty high.

The War is very much a vague notion at the moment but I will just say that the situation will change fairly drastically in coming chapters. I hadn't actually planned on writing more of this right now but my Other Half insists on reading more, and writing it- and posting it- will be a pretty effective test of my writing skills. If you want to see more do let me know because I'll be posting a variety of stuff soon and whatever turns out to be most popular will get the most focus.

One other note- the date and city are blanked out deliberately. The year might turn out to be slightly significant so I wanted to give myself a little leeway. The city is not mentioned because it's fiction and I'm making the area up as I go!

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