Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cavewoman Retold - Prologue

This started life as a writing exercise, re-telling the origin story of the comic character Cavewoman. I give it my usual action-twist and also included the girl's mother in the tale- that wasn't actually meant to happen but the story seemed to be writing itself at that point. It's also a good example of how you can get some good material by using writing exercises- from this starting point, I kept going on my own tale.

From this prologue jump off I began writing my own "town back in time" story but it was significantly different from the Budd Root tale and the more I wrote the less inclined I was to actually include a Cavewoman character in it. I had my own militaristic story going on and a lead character I was growing to like. Even now, about 60 pages into my tale, I'm not sure whether I should include a Cavewoman character (Cave-family in my case) or just keep the characters I have.

To read the original Cavewoman story by Budd Root, your best bet is to go to Amryl Entertainment where you'll find a complete list of the Cavewoman comics. Be warned though, Cavewoman is a busty lass and the artwork gets more than a bit racy. It's definitely a comic for adults-only.

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